Set Up:

  • Players start inside of the grid with soccer balls are outside.
  • Inside the grid, you try and tag other people. If you tag them, they must hold the body part that got tagged and yell “ouch!”
  • If they get tagged a 2nd time by someone else, they must hold that body part as well (so now holding two body parts).
  • If they get tagged a 3rd time, they must run to a ball on the outside of the grid and get a ball (the hospital), pass the ball between their feet 4 times and then they can reenter the game will no more injuries.


  • After a few rounds, every player now must dribble a ball while tagging people. If they get tagged three times, they must do 6 toe-taps with their ball to get better.

Coaching Points:

Encourage players to be thinking about how they can tag people without getting tagged themselves. What can they do with their bodies to “duke” people out?

Players Required: