British Bulldog

British Bulldog - Dribbling soccer drill / game for youth soccer players

This is a legendary game in soccer known as "British Bulldog". It is a simple game in which the players with the soccer balls try to dribble through the "danger zone" without having their ball kicked away or stolen by the "bulldogs". This game is great to incorporate into practice sessions that focus on dribbling drills and ball skills. It allows the players to work on ball control and having to control the ball under pressure and at different speeds. It also requires players to have an awaerness as to where the "bulldogs" are and maintain ball control with their head up.


  1. Start without any soccer balls and simply make it a game of tag.
  2. Next add soccer balls and make the "bulldogs" crawl using bear crawls to move throughout the "danger zone".
  3. Then have the "bulldogs" play on two feet and be as aggressive as they can within the "danger zone".
Goals Required: 
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