Set Up:

  • Place 5 cones, and 5 pennies on ground spread out around grid.

  • Start without a ball. Coach gives the players a task to complete which they try to get as many points as they can:

a) touch hand to cones/pennies. b) touch foot to cones/pennies c) two-footed jump over cones/pennies d) Make up new combinations. Think of gross motor movements, and make more complicated with each progression.

Coaching Points:

  • Introduce different types of turns using different surfaces of the feet: Inside/outside/bottom

  • Encourage little touches when dribbling up to a cone, and then larger touches after they pass it to get quickly to the next one.

  • Use peripheral vision while dribbling to see where you want to go next.


  •  Every player has a ball. Players have to dribble to a cone/pennie, touch with their foot, and then turn to go the other way for a point. Demonstrate different turns and have players perform one type at a cone, and then another type around the pennies etc. Players get points for each cone/pennie they turn at around. Make up different variations to get points.


Players Required: