Soccer Marbles

Soccer Marbles - Soccer Passing Drill for U6 and U8


  • Players are in pairs with one ball each (so, everyone has a ball).
  • Game starts with partners facing each other about 3yds apart from each other. Decide which partner gets to go first.
  • The first person kicks their ball and tries to hit the other person’s “marble.” If contact is made, that person gets a point. If they miss, then they don’t. Both players must wait until both balls stop moving before it is the next person’s turn. No stopping your ball!
  • Players only get one touch on the ball for a turn. They cannot move their ball after it stops rolling to set up a better angle.
  • Switch partners after each round and play again.

Progression: Challenge players to only use their non-dominate foot.

Coaching Points

  • Demonstrate how to lock the ankle (toe up, heel down)
  • Square hips towards target, and use inside of foot to be more accurate when striking the ball.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
1 per player
Players Required: 

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