Bruce the Shark and Nemo

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  • In your 15x20yd grid, select 1-3 players to be Bruce the Sharks without soccer balls (coaches can start as sharks too).
  • The rest of the players are Nemo or Dori and start each with a ball on one end of the grid.
  • Nemo/Dori’s have to dribble their ball to the other side of the ocean without losing their soccer ball (food) to Bruce the shark.
  • Sharks do not kick balls away, they just need to touch it with their foot to catch the Nemo/Dori.
  • If a Nemo/Dori gets their ball stolen, have them do 4 toe taps (touch top of ball with the bottom of your feet), and then continue to swim the ocean.
  • Nemo/Dori’s can start crossing when the sharks yell “Try and cross my ocean little fish!”
  • Switch sharks after two fish crossings.

Coaching Points:

  • Look for moments to swim into space! If you just swim without a plan, you’ll be eaten up!
  • Encourage changes of speed and direction.
  • Look for players who are using both feet to dribble, and make a positive example out of them.
  • Have fun!
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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