How to share soccer drills and practices with your coaches and players?

There are two ways to share the drills and practices you create on with your team. on this page we outline the quickest and easiest method which does not allow the recipient to login. The second method is slightly more complicated and requires you to create a team access account (included with your membership) where members of your team can login to view content you share with them.

Method #1 - Use the Copy & Share URL Feature

This feature allows you to simply click a button on the My Practices or My Drills page that will copy a specific URL to your clipboard. You can then paste that URL into an email, text or website. When someone clicks on your link they will be able to view your drill or practice. Here are the steps:

Step #1

When you are logged in go to your "My Practices" or "My Drills" page.

My drills and my practices link from navigation barStep #2

On the "My Practices" page or the "My Drills" page you will notice buttons associated with each practice or drill. Click the "Copy & Share URL" button to copy the shareable link,

Copy and Share URL Button on my practices page

Step #3

Share the copied url via email or text with anyone you want to share your soccer practice with.

Paste the URLStep #4

Visit the url to view your practice.

shared practice