How do I add drills to my soccer practice?

There are two ways to add drills to your practice.   One way is to first create the practice and then visit drill pages where you can add the drill to any practice with the click of a button.  The other method is to start typing the name of the drill into the field on the practice form and selecting the drill as it pops up on the form.  Both methods are described below.

Adding Drills Directly from the Practice Form

If you have an idea of the names of drills you would like to add to the practice then you can use the form to start typing in the name of the drill.  You will see a list of drills appear as you strt typing. These drills are selected from the Soccer Drive Drill Datase as well as any drills you have created within your account.

Add drill from the create practice form

Add Drills by Visiting Drill Pages

This is the ideal method for adding drills to your soccer practice.  When you create a new practice you do not need to add any soccer drills.  If you need help creating a practice please view the article on how to create a soccer practice.

Step #1 - Search for a drill in our database or visit your "My Drills" page.

Step #2 - Click on a drill you would like to view.

Step #3 - Click the "Add to Practices" button at the top of the page.

Step #4 - Click the "+Add" button to add the drill into any practice you have created.

Add drill from drill page