Body Part Dribble

Body Part Dribble - U6 soccer drill


  • Spread a series of “gates” around the inside of grid (gates are two cones about a yard apart)
  • Every player has a ball
  • Have players dribble through gates trying to get as many goals as they can!
  • Coach yells a body part (ex: knee!) and players have to all stop their ball using only that body part.
  • After all balls stopped, ask players to try and score more goals then they just did. Repeat.
  • Progress to the coach just touching a body part and see which players can stop the quickest using that body part.
  • After a few rounds, ask a player to step in as the coach and choose what the body parts are and when the players stop.

Coaching Points

  • Encourage kids to use peripheral vision while dribbling. See the ball with the bottom on your eyes, so you can still see what’s around!
  • In order to move the ball fast, players need to take big touches on the ball (show them what it looks like). If we want to stop quicker, we need the ball closer to us, so we need to take little touches (show them)
  • Praise players who can stop quickly by keeping their ball close!
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
1 per player

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