Body Part Dribble

Set Up:

  • Place several gates around the inside of grid, that are about a yard wide.
  • All of the players start with a ball and dribble through gates in order to score a goal. They have 30 seconds to get as many goals as they can.
  • When the Coach calls out a body part (ex: "knee!"), the players have to stop the ball by using that body part.
  • After all of the balls have stopped, ask the players what their goal scoring total is.
  • Progress to the coach just touching a body part and see which players can stop the quickest using that body part.

Coaching Points:

  • Encourage kids to use peripheral vision while dribbling.  
  • Make small, quick touches on the ball so that you can control it as you change direction.
  • Praise players who can stop quickly by keeping their ball close.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
1 per player
Players Required: 

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