Set Up:

  • Start with no one having a ball and joining coach in the middle of your grid. Tell the players: “I can do this! Can you?” and touch your nose. All players will touch their nose. “Good, good! Now I can do this, can you?” Hop on one foot and give the players time to copy. Praise the ones who are trying.
  • Keep progressing to different movements, getting more complicated each time. Some examples are: Summersault, ribbit while jumping like a frog, walk like a bear etc.
  • Add a ball. After 7-8 different movements without a ball, each player gets a ball and comes back. Play the same game, but movements now involve the ball. Examples are: alternate feet while touching ball with bottom of feet, pass ball between feet, kick ball using top of foot, throw ball in air and catch it etc.

Coaching Points:

Have fun! This game is all about developing coordination and getting players used to moving a ball. Be goofy and creative.

Players Required: