1v1, 50-50 Ball

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Set Up:

8-12 players are set up on a small field, starting in the corners. A small grid is placed in the center of the field. To begin the drill, an attacker runs into the small grid to receive a pass from the Feeder. At the same time, a defender runs into the grid from the opposite side to create a 1v1. To score, the attacker must dribble all the way through the grid. When a point is scored or the ball is put out of play, two new players come on, and the drill is re-started by the Feeder.

Coaching Points:

1.  The defender must control the speed of his initial run and not charge in.

2.  Once the attacker is turned away from goal, don’t let him turn back around.

3.  The decision to tackle or not depends on how well the attacker controls the dribble.


1.  Use a smaller grid in the center of the field.

Players Required: 

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