Players go 1v1 - initial attacker goes to the far goal, defender on transition goes to the near goal when he wins possession. Point is scored by dribbling through the cone goals. Adjust starting positions based on age/ability.

Coaching Points:

  • Attacker should try to get to goal quickly, use shoulder/body to put off defender.

  • If necessary, use only one move to get behind defender.

  • On positive transition, new attacker must quickly get behind new defender.

Players Required: 


jzuanich on 9/19/2022

Good one on one dribbling drill. 

pointedorange on 9/19/2022

This could work for both age groups. The younger kids could use the older kids playing at half speed to keep it moving along. 

kHolmstrom on 8/22/2022

For 1 v 1 hot day practice

carricktown on 1/9/2022