1v1 Game, #1

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Set Up:

There are six players (in two teams of three) set up on three small fields, playing 1v1 games. To begin the 1v1 games, the players start at the cones and release on the Coach’s signal. During play, the attackers can score from both sides of the goal. After a goal is scored, the player that was scored on re-starts play. The two teams keep a running total of their goals, and the first team to score a total of five goals wins the match.

Coaching Points:

1.  Use a variety of feinting moves as your approach the defender, not just one.

2.  Put the defender under pressure by taking the ball at him at speed.

3.  Change speed and direction with the dribble. Accelerate out of your dribbling moves.


1.  Start with a 50-50 ball tossed into the center. 

Players Required: 


U16B-1 on 8/28/2023

1v1 duels

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