2 Ball Finishing Drill #1

Set Up: 

Ball #1: Player 1 runs at the mannequin, performs a move to the inside, and finishes. Player 1 then bends his run around the mannequin in the box.

Ball #2: At the same time, Player 2 runs at the mannequin, passes to Player 3, then overlaps him. Player 3 takes the dribble inside to create space for the overlap, and then hits a reverse ball to Player 2. Player 2 crosses the ball in for Player 1 to finish..


1.   Services in the air/ground.

2.   Player 1 combines with a teammate to finish the first ball.

3.   Player 1 plays the ball to a coach who chips it up to finish a volley before going into the box.

4.   Add a defender in the box to finish umder pressure.

5.  Wide players perform a 1-2 to beat the mannequin.

6.   Perform from left and right sides of the piitch.

Coaching Points:

1.   Your last dribble touch should allow you to shoot at all four corners of the goal.

2.   Continue your overlap run even if the passer looks away from you.

3.   Hold your run so that you can sprint to the cross to finish it.  

Players Required: 

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