2v1 Into 1v1, #2

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Set Up:

There are four players set up on a small split field, playing 2v1 on one half, with a second defender stationed in the other half. The two attackers try to dribble the ball across the midfield line versus one defender. When they cross midfield, the second defender releases from the end line, and they try to beat him as well by dribbling over the end line. If the defender wins the ball, he plays into the other half and starts a 2v1 attack from there. Games are played to three points, and the players switch teams after each game.

Coaching Points:

1.  Use the width of the field to make blind side runs in behind the defender.

2.  The passer should look and feint away from the second attacker before passing to him.

3.  Use feints with the dribble or the pass in order to slow down the defender’s approach.


1.  To score, the attackers dribble thru small goals.

Players Required: 

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