2v2, Deny the Turn

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Set Up:

There are 12-15 set up on a small grid, with lines of players on all four sides. Two different groups of players work East to West or North to South across the grid. To begin the drill, the first player in each line comes into the center, and the second attacker feeds the ball in. After the pass is made, the second attacker and defender enter the grid. Play continues 2v2, with each team trying to dribble the ball over their opponents’ end line.  When a goal is scored or the ball is put out of play, the other group begins.

Coaching Points:

1.  Curve the approaching run and force the attacker in one direction.

2.  The second defender anticipates the direction of play and shades towards that side.

3.  Communicate whenever you go to pressure the ball. The first shout sorts it out.   


1.  Progress to 3v3.

Players Required: 

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