3 Ball Finishing Triangle

Set Up:

Part 1: In the triangle of mannequins -- Player 1 plays up to Player 2, Player 2 plays square to Player 3, and Player 3 sets the ball back for Player 1 to finish first time. Just before the shot, Player 4 passes to Player 5 on the end line, Player 5 sets the ball back to Player 4.

Part 2: Players 2 and 3 runs to goal, Player 4 serves the ball in to box for them to finish.

Third Ball: Finally, the player who doesn't finish the cross - (either Player 2 or 3) - checks back to Player 6, receives pass, turns and finishes. 

Rotation - After the third shot, the players rotate clockwise to a new position on the triangle.


- Work from both sides on crosses.

- Vary the type of crosses.

- Overlap on the wing, cross.

- The first shot must be a volley. Player 3 gives Player 1 a bouncing ball or an air ball.

- Add defenders

Coaching Points:

1.   Use short steps when you approach a ball rolling towards you.

2.   Communicate on the cross. If it's your shot, call the other attacker off.

3.   If you can, let the ball run past you as you turn and sprint onto it.

Players Required: 

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