3v2, to Goal, #4

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Set Up:

12-16 players are set up in the attacking third, playing 3v2. The attackers start at the cones, and the defenders start near the penalty spot. To begin play, the Feeder drives the ball from the end line to any of the three attackers. The defenders release with the first touch and play continues from there to completion. If the defenders win the ball, they can score in the two small goals set up outside of the penalty area. On goals or balls played out of touch, the Feeder re-starts play with the next set of players.

Coaching Points:

1.  Attack the first defender with the dribble and force him to commit. Then pass off.

2.  Make horizontal runs and fake combinations to get the defenders moving.

3.  Look for the thru run and the split pass between the two defenders.


1.  Limit the number of passes made before shooting.

Players Required: 

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