Set Up:

Part A: Two teams play 3v2 keep away in the small zone (the defending team leaves a player outside of the zone). The three attackers possess the ball and score a point for making ten consecutive passes. The defenders look to win the ball.

Part B: When the defending team does win possession, their teammate on the outside (Player 3) runs around a mannequin and then down the flank to receive an outlet pass. The other team does not defend. After receiving, the flank player crosses to his two teammates (Players 1 and 2) running to goal. Goals are worth one point. After shooting, the three attackers return to the zone and become the attacking team. The other team sends a player out of the zone and defends. Games are played to 5 points.

Coaching Points:

1.   Pressure – Curve your run to the ball and force play in one direction.

2.   Anticipation – Read the play and shade towards that side of the field.

3.   Cover – When your man passes off, drop straight back into the center in behind your teammate. Do not chase the ball.


1.  Expand to 6v4 keep away, with two players making runs down the flanks.

Players Required: 


jrosemin on 10/14/2022

Good transition to offense drill.

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