3v2, Tandem Defense

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Set Up:

There are eighteen players set up in the attacking third, starting 2v2 inside the 18 with players at the cones. An attacker begins play with a pass into a teammate, and play continues 3v2 to goal from there. If the defenders win the ball, they can score in the two small goals set up outside of the penalty area. On goals and balls put out of play, the drill is re-started by the attacking team. The players in the 2v2 switch out after 5-10 minutes. 

Coaching Points:

1.  Contain the play and force the attackers to hold the ball and dribble. 

2.  The goalkeeper must send defenders to the ball with each pass.

3.  Good covering position will allow you to close down passes made in either direction.


1.  Progress to 3v3.

Players Required: 

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