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Area: 25y x 20y

The central attacker starts with the ball and passes it to one of their teammates to start the 3v3.

The attackers score on the two small goals, and the defenders score by dribbling the ball through two gates in the corners of the endline.

When the ball goes over the sideline, dribble or pass the ball back in.

Play is over when a goal is scored, or the ball goes over the end line.

Switch sides after each turn, or switch sides after certain amount of time. 



Keep track of goals scored by trio, or create two large teams and keep track of score that way. Which team scores the most goals.  


Focus Points:

  • Role of first, second and third defender.
  • Creative runs from attackers: Overlapping runs, Give and Go



  • Passing and receiving skills (furthest foot).
  • Dribbling skills.
  • 1v1 skills, attacking and defending.



Goal: Build up, create scoring chances and score goals.

  • Keep the field wide.

  • Go forward.

  • Keep ball possession

  • Maintain a good team shape / formation.

  • Create scoring chances and score goals. 



Goal: Disrupt the buildup, win the ball back, avoid goals against.

  • Pressure the player on the ball. 

  • Mark tight in the area of the ball.

  • Positional or zonal marking further away from the ball. 

  • Stay active as long as possible. (Back pressure) 


Transition Attacking to Defending:

  • Win the ball back as quickly as possible - 5 Second Rule.

  • Protect your own goal quickly.


Transition Defending to Attacking:  

  • Quick goal-oriented action. Try to create a scoring chance as quickly as possible - 10 Second Rule. 

  • Explode and connect the first pass after winning the ball. Reaction.

  • While the other team is in ball possession, certain players should anticipate the possibility of a turnover and to ATTACK. 


Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 
8 or more