3v3 to Goal, #1

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Set Up:

There are 12-15 players set up in the attacking third, playing 3v1 inside of the penalty area with lines of attackers starting at the cones. The Feeder begins play with a pass out wide to either flank attacker. All players release with the Feeder’s first touch, and they are allowed to leave the penalty area. Play continues 3v3 to goal from there. If the defenders win the ball, they can score in the two small goals set up outside of the penalty area. After ten minutes, the defenders switch out with three new players.

Coaching Points:

1.  Look to get to the end line for a cross or a setback into the penalty area. 

2.  Hold your run or check away from the ball until your teammate is in a position to pass.

3.  Watch the play develop, and then choose between a near post or a far post run.


1.  Add an attacker.

2.  Progress to 6v4. 

Players Required: 

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