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Set Up:

  • Use the penalty area with goal, and add a 20x20yd grid in front of 18yd box.
  • Similar set up as previous game, except in a bigger area with 3v3.
  • Coach plays the ball to any of the three attackers, who try to work the ball past the defenders. Once past, they can shoot on goal. The defenders keep trying to win ball even after the ball leaves the zone.
  • Play with offside.
  • If the defenders get the ball, they pass to the coach for a point.
  • Once the ball is dead, the three attackers become the defenders, and a new ball is played into the next three attackers.
  • Get play moving fast!

Coaching Points:

  • Same coaching points as above when putting on initial pressure.
  • Angle the approach to force the attacker in one direction. It helps the other defenders to anticipate the next pass.
  • Encourage players to double team when possible.
  • When the attacking team loses possession, they must try and win the ball back immediately.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: