4 In and 4 Out Soccer Passing and Possession Drill

4 In and 4 Out Soccer Passing and Possession Drill

This is a great drill to add to your bank of passing and possession drills.  You should be able to run this drill with players 12 and up depending on their skill level.  Players in the U14 age level and above should definitely be able to execute this with some work.  The drill works best with exactly ten players so each player is engaged at all time.

To get started place eight cones as shown in the diagram to resemble one large outer rectangle and and smaller inner rectangle.  Place one player at each cone and the players in lines #1 and #3 should each get a ball to start the drill. Player #1 and #3 will start the drill at the same time.  Lets track the sequence with player #1.

Player #5 will call for the ball and check towards player #1.  Player #1 will actually make a longer pass by-passing player #5 to player #6.  Player #5 will run an arc around the cone and time a run to get a pass from payer #6 as they are moving towards player #2.  Player #5 will receive the ball and then make a lead pass to player #2 as player #2 starts to run towards line #3.  When player #2 receives the pass from player #5 they will make a long pass to the next player in line #3.

This sequence then starts over in exaclty the same way.  The players follow their passes as they move through the drill so their is always a player at each cone.

Encourage player to communicate well.  The player that is checking to the ball needs to sell it. It can be tempting to go through the motions so stay on top of the players.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


Jameskasuk on 12/14/2018


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