Set Up:

Two teams play 3v3, with two large goals set up on each end line along with two GKs. An 18 yard line runs across the entire width of the field. Normal soccer rules apply, except no corners. Use goal kicks instead of corners. Each goal counts as 1pt. Encourage the use of the goalkeepers to play backwards and help keep possession. GKs must stay in their own goal during play. 

Coaching Points:

1.  The GKs must direct his players constantly during play.

2.  Always make the calls on loose balls of "Keeper" or "Away". 

3.  GKs should always look to the opposite side first when looking to distribute.


1.  Three points are awarded when a GK leaves his goal area and scores.

Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


Seraphimram55 on 6/10/2018

great game or warm up