4v4, Flanks First

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Set Up:

Twelve players are set up on the small field, playing 4v4 with channels on the outside. A Feeder begins play with a pass in to any of the attackers and play continues from there. The attackers are allowed to go into the channels at any time, but the defenders must stay out until the ball is played into the channel. Goals can only be scored from a cross and finish. When a goal is scored or a ball is put out of play, the game is re-started by a Feeder. 

Coaching Points:

1.  Expand the field to full width, forcing the defenders to cover the entire space.

2.  Open up with the first touch in order to see the opposite side of the field.

3.  Create superior numbers with a quick transition to attacking after winning the ball. 


1.  Add a neutral on the inside of the field.

Players Required: 

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