8v8, Four Zones

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Set Up:

There are sixteen players set up on a half field, with target zones set in all four corners of the field. The two teams play 8v8, and each team stations a player inside of two of the target zones, diagonally across from one another.  Each team defends two zones while trying to score in the other two. The target players must receive a ball cleanly inside of their zone in order to score. When a point is scored, the attacking team keeps possession. When the ball is put out of play, the game is re-started by the Feeder.

Coaching Points:

1.  Expand the field to full width, and force the defenders to cover the entire space.

2.  When one area of the field closes down, pull the ball out and change direction.

3.  After winning the ball, create 2v1’s with a quick transition to attacking. 


1.  Score thru the air. The target can use his hands

Players Required: 

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