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Set Up:

The Feeder begins play with a pass out to an attacker on the flank. From there, the attacker dribbles into the small zone to start the 2 v 1 along with the neutral attacker. After the first pass is made, the attackers have five seconds to advance the ball out of the zone. When they dribble it out over the end line of the zone, that attacker continues into the midfield zone to create a 4 v 3. After the first pass is made by the attackers in the 4 v 3, they have ten seconds to get a shot off. If the time runs out, the ball goes to the GK to start a counterattack. There is no offsides rule inside either of the zones.

If the attackers in the 2 v 1 dribble out over the sideline of the zone, they must pass and follow the ball into the midfield zone IMMEDIATELY, and the ten second count starts with that pass. So there is much more of an advantage to dribbling out over the end line for the two attackers.

When the defenders force a turnover (including possession by the GK), they attack the small goal set up at midfield with a 5 v 4 advantage. They can use the entire field with no restrictions. After they make their first pass, their team has ten seconds to counter-attack and shoot. If they turn the ball over (or the time expires) the ball goes to the neutral attacker to create a 5 v 4 in the other direction. Play continues until a goal is scored or the ball has been put out of play. During the game, the teams alternate attacking in the 2 v 1 zone.

Players Required: 

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