Attacking at Speed

Set Up:

The two teams start 4 v 3 in the midfield zone and 1 v 2 in the attacking zone. The attackers must make three passes before playing the ball in. When they do, three attackers cross over, creating a 4 v 2. When the attacking team makes a back pass in the attacking zone, all the defenders cross over to create a 5 v 4. When defenders win the ball in the attacking zone, they must work it back out into the midfield zone and re-set the 4 v 3. When the defenders win the ball in the midfield zone, they can play immediately into the attacking zone and go 2 v 1 to goal.

Coaching Points:

1.   Width and Depth – Expand the midfield zone to create passing opportunities.

2.   “Switching Off” – Players in the penalty area must stay involved in play and not become spectators.

3.   Speed of Play – Make positive first touches to goal and attack at speed.


1.   During play, the coach calls out the number of attackers and defenders that can cross over.

Players Required: 

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