Up, Back, and Thru Twice

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Player 1 begins play with a pass up to Player 2. Player B plays back to Player 3 (Player 5 is also an option), and Player 3 passes up to Player 4. Players 3 and 5 continue their runs forward, and Player 4 passes back to either one of them (he chooses Player 5 in the diagram). Finally, Player 2 makes the last forward run to receive a thru pass from Player 5. To re-start the drill, Player 4 moves into the center to receive the first pass from Player 2 as the next two flank players begin their runs forward.


Coaching Points:

1    Timing the Runs – Flank players must hold their runs if central players make poor touches.

2    Speed of Play – Use one touch when you can, use two touches when you should.

3    Passing – The last thru ball should not slow the receiver down. Make him sprint onto it.



Regression 1 – Play Up, Back, and Thru to one end, then re-start the drill in the other direction.

Players Required: 

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