Behind the Defense

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Set Up:

There are 12 players set up on a small field, playing 5v5 plus two. To score, the attackers must dribble the ball over their opponents’ end line. Also, the attackers can score an additional point for receiving a thru pass behind the entire defense.  When a team scores a goal, they maintain possession and reverse directions. When a ball is put out of play, the game is re-started by the Feeder. One player from each team switches in for a neutral after 5-10 minutes.

Coaching Points:

1.  Get width so that you can move out of the defender’s field of vision.

2.  Get down the field and stretch the defense. Pull the defenders apart.

3.  Make a horizontal run as you wait for your teammate to touch the ball thru.


1.  Use one or two small goals on the end lines.

Players Required: 

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