Breakaway Game

Set Up:

The teams play 4 v 4 plus two in the central zone of the small field, looking to send teammates into the attacking zone with thru passes. Players can only enter the attacking zone AFTER the pass has been made. In other words, the line between zones is used as an offsides line. As soon as the attacker touches the ball inside of the attacking zone, a defender can enter the zone to chase him from behind. Play continues 1 v 1 to completion. Neutrals may not cross over into the attacking zone, and new players should rotate to the neutral positions after 5 minutes.

Coaching Points:

1.   Decision Making – Maintain possession until a good chance to play thru arises. Don’t force.

2.   Attacking – Switch the play quickly, and then look to create 2 v 1 opportunities.

3.   Finishing – Control the thru pass immediately, then look up and deal with the goalkeeper.


Progression 1 –  The defender can enter the attacking zone as soon as the pass is made.

Players Required: 

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