Bumper Soccer

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  • Create a 40x30yd (depending on ability) field with goals on each end.
  • Make three teams of four players, with a goalkeeper in each goal.
  • Teams play 5v5 (their four players plus a goalkeeper), while the third teams split themselves to create two “bumper players” of each sideline.
  • Each team can use the bumper players to keep possession. Bumper players only get a maximum of two touches, otherwise the other team gets a freekick.
  • Bumper players can move freely on their sideline (and onto the endlines!)
  • Bumper players cannot shoot.
  • Play for 3 minutes, and switch the team on the outside.

Coaching Points:

  • Same as above. Movement is key!
  • Try to look forward with a pass/dribble/shot first. Use the bumper players only if there isn’t a better option to play forward towards the opponents' goal first.
  • Disguise and deception of runs off the ball is important! Try to make your first movement off the ball to confuse the defender, and change the direction/speed to make a 2nd run into the space you actually want the ball.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 

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