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Set Up:

10-12 players are set up on a small field, with a smaller grid placed on the inside. The teams line up opposite each other, and the first player in line is active during the drill. Play begins with the Feeder rolling a 50-50 ball inside of the small grid. The two players run into the grid and try to win the ball, and when one player gains possession, he tries to dribble it over the opponent’s end line. Players score one point for winning the ball and another two points for dribbling out of the grid. Upon completion, the Feeder re-starts play with the next pair.  

Coaching Points:

1.  Control the speed of your approach so that you can change direction if necessary.

2.  If the attacker does not have the dribble under control, destroy the play.

3.  The ball can go thru, the man can go thru, but not both. Make physical contact.       


1.  Progress to 2v2.

2.  Toss an air ball into the center of the grid.

Players Required: 

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