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This is a good soccer drill for dribbling, passing, and practicing shooting. There needs to be 12 cones, 4 soccer balls, and at least 4 players. Set up the cones around the center of the field. Partners should be standing at sets of cones diagonal to one another. Only 1 player in each group should start with a ball. When the whistle is blown the first set of partners should meet in the middle of the circle. The player with the ball should pass the soccer ball to their partner. That player should now aim the ball between the cones on the side their partner came from. Both players should run to the opposite set of cones from which they started at. Once they return, the other set of partners should repeat these steps. Each group should complete this at least twice so each player has a chance to pass during one part of the drill and shoot during their next turn, or vice versa.
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