• The activity starts with Player 2 moving away from the defender (flag) to get open. This could be wide to the sideline, wide and high, or wide and low.

  • At the correct moment, Player 1 passes the ball to Player 2. Player 3 moves to get open to receive the pass from Player 2.

  • Player 3 dribbles to the defender (dummy) on the 18, makes a 1v1 move and tries to score with a shot.  After the shot, the player starts at the other side of the goal. 

  • When you do not use a goalkeeper, both sides can start at the same time. With a goalkeeper, the other group starts as soon as Player 3 beats the defender.


  • Player 1 passes the ball to Player 3. Player 3 combines with Player 2 before taking on the defender.

  • Player 2 bounces the ball back to Player 1, who plays a long ball to Player 3. Player 3 dribbles to the goal or combines with Player 2 before going to goal. 

  • Instead of a dummy, use a player to defend the 1v1. 


  • Make two teams, who scores the most goals?

Coaching Points:

  • Pass the ball with the correct speed to the correct foot or into space. Use left and right foot.

  • Receive the ball with the furthest foot, open up and make the ball pass ready with the first touch. 

  • Make a move to get open at the right moment. 

  • Attack the defender with speed, explode out of the 1v1 move and shoot the ball with power and accuracy. Hit the target.

  • Communicate. Ask for the ball at the right moment, verbally and with gestures. The run is also a form of communication. 

Goals Required: 
One, large
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 
Minimum of 4


Coughlt on 10/7/2023


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