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To begin the drill, the two players from each team in the central zone (Players 2 and 3) run out to try and receive the first pass from their teammate in the corner (Player 1). The player who  does receive the first pass (Player 3 in the diagram) combines with his teammates running back into the central zone. Player 3 may not re-enter the central zone. Instead, he must run around the outside to receive the pass out, and then play the last pass up to the player in the opposite corner (Player 4). Then drill continues in the other direction as Players 1 and 2 stay in the zone to combine with Player 4. Player 3 rotates to the corner and waits for his next turn.


Coaching Points:

1    Communication – Make your verbal commands early, before the player receives the ball.

2    Speed of Play – Get the ball off of your foot and play in a one or two-touch rhythm.

3   Timing – You must hold your run if the combination is slow to develop.



Progression 1 – Add a third group, working vertically across the center of the field.


Players Required: 

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