Come Back Twice

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Set Up:

There are five players set up inside of the large grid, starting at the cones. Player 2 begins the drill with a run into the center, checking back to receive a pass from Player 1. Player 2 then turns, passes the ball up to Player 3, and checks away from him. Player 3 passes to Player 4, and Player 2 checks back to the ball to receive the last pass from him. Upon completion, Player 4 begins the same pattern of play from the other side, receiving the first pass from Player 1. During the drill, Players 2, 4, and 5 continue to work back and forth across the grid in a shuttle fashion. Players 1 and 3 switch out after 3-5 minutes.

Coaching Points:

1.  Make runs away from the ball in order to create space for you to work back into.

2.  Communicate by making eye contact with the passer, but don’t telegraph the play.

3.  Drift out of the defender’s field of vision before checking back to the ball. 


1.  Add a passive defender in the center.

Players Required: 

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