Defending the 2v1

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Set Up:

8-12 players are set up on a small field, starting at the cones. To begin the drill, the Feeder plays the ball in to either of the two attackers. All of the players release from the cones on the Feeder’s first touch, and play continues 2v1 to completion. To score, the attackers must dribble the ball out of the other side of the grid, and they are only allowed one pass. When a point is scored or the ball is put out of play, the drill is re-started by the Feeder. During the drill, the Feeder alternates service to both teams.

Coaching Points:

1.  The defender must curve his run in order to force the attacker to the sideline.

2.  The defender must take away the passing lane between the two attackers.

3.  When a pass is made, the defender has to drop straight back towards the corner.


1.  Progress to 3v2.

Players Required: 

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