Defending the Thru Pass

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Set Up:

The teams begin play with a 5 v 5 plus one in the midfield zone. The teams look to send a player into the attacking zone with thru passes, and players cannot enter the zone until the pass is made. When a ball is played in, THREE players from each team cross over into the attacking zone and play 3 v 3 to completion. When the defending team wins the ball inside of the attacking zone (including possession by the goalkeeper), they must work it back out into the midfield zone with the neutral coming back into that zone to create a 4 v 3. When the ball is worked back out, all players return to the midfield zone to play 5 v 5 plus one. 

Coaching Points:

1    Pressure – Rotate players to the ball, always pressuring the player in possession.

2    Communication – The first shout sorts it out. The defender pressuring the ball calls it.

3    Switching – Central defenders make angled runs to the outside, outside defenders drop in.


Progression 1 – Add flank zones, the initial thru pass must be played into a flank zone. 

Players Required: 

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