1st Ball (black lines): After four to six quick passes with Player 2, the striker - Player 1 - turns and shoots at the goal.

2nd Ball (red lines): At the moment of the shot from the Player 1, Player 2 passes a second ball to the outside player - Player 3 - who combines quickly with Player 1 to send themselves towards the end line. Player 3 reaches the end line and crosses the ball back to the Player 1 or Player 2, who tries to score. Rotate positions. Alternate left and right sides.

Focus Points:

  • Quick and crisp combinations.

  • Tempo, upbeat and energetic.

  • Time the deep run correctly. Don’t be offside.

  • Concentration, focus.

  • Communication. Verbal and non-verbal.

  • Controlled finish. Celebrate goals.

Players Required: