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Set Up:

Player 1 dribbles through slalom poles, wall passes around the mannequin with Player 2, then plays an accurate long pass to Player 3. Player 3 runs the same sequence back, starting with the slalom dribble and wall pass with Player 4. Players 5 thru 8 perform the same task on the other diagonal. In terms of timing, the players can start their dribbling runs as soon as the other group has completed their wall pass. 

Rotation: After making the wall pass, central players switch places with the player who just made the dribbling run. After making the long pass, the dribbler switches into the center spot. 


Can we dribble at pace?

Firm pass from the player on the mannequin.

Can we see and make the diagonal pass?

Coaching Points:

1.  Speed of Play - Make sharp changes of speed and direction with the dribble.

2.  Passing - Direct the wall pass as opposed to just letting it bounce off of your foot.

3.  Long Passing - Check your target one last time before striking the long pass.

Players Required: