Dribble Thru

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Set Up:

There are 12-16 players set upon a large grid split into three zones. During the drill, the attackers try to dribble thru each of the three zones and then back again, moving clockwise around the grid. There is a defender in each zone, trying to win the 1v1. More than one attacker can be in the zone at the same time, and so the defender must choose who to defend. The defenders switch out after 30-60 seconds, and the two teams switch roles after five minutes.

Coaching Points:

1.  Make sharp changes of speed and direction with the dribble.

2.  Accelerate after the feinting or dribbling move and get the defender moving backwards.

3.  Once the defender is beaten, shield the ball by cutting in behind the defender.


1.  Reduce the size of the grid.

Players Required: 

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