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Set Up:

The two teams play 2v2 on the small field. Players can score by playing the ball to the goalkeeper stationed in the opposite end zone, or by dribbling the ball past the defenders and into the end zone. Defenders must stay on the end line, but can move laterally. When tackling on their end line, defenders are allowed to take 1 or 2 steps towards the ball. Upon completion (a goal or a clearance), new players rotate in.

Whenever an attacker passes the ball back to a teammate, that player can come onto the field to join the attack. When this happens, a defender also joins play to create a 3v3 or a 4v4.

Conditions can be placed on the goalkeeper as well, requiring him to use only hands, only feet, or both to receive passes.

Coaching Points:

1    Communication – The GKs must move the defenders as a group.

2    Attacking – Move the defense to one sideline, then switch the play.

3    Decision Making – When turned away from the end zone, play the ball back.


1    Add sideline players.

Players Required: 

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