Set Up:

This game encourages possession, creativity, and problem solving.  Divide players into two teams of at least five players each.  Mark out a rectangular field about 40 yards long and 20 yards wide.  On the ends place a cone or disc in the middle to divide the end line in half.  Each team will have a "medic" on each end line but they are regulated to their own half on the end line.  The rest of the players are split up in the field of play.  The object of the game is to complete as many passes to your "medic" as possible.  The coach will start the game by placing a ball in the field of play.  The team that gains possession will try to maintain possession until they can make a clean pass to one of their "medics".  If they succeed they will earn one point.  The "medic" will then try to complete a pass back into the field of play.  If the team does not lose possession then they must complete a pass to the "medic" at the other end line.  If they lose possession and then gain it back then they are free to use either one of their "medics".  Be sure to rotate "medics" so that all players have a chance to be a "medic".

Coaching Points:







Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
Players Required: 


khering0813 on 10/16/2018