Find the Target

Set Up:

Look to play the ball from one target player to the other in this possession practice. If it isn’t an option to play forward and transfer the ball, you can bounce the ball back to the wall player it came from and of course use teammates in the middle to keep the ball before it’s on to play forward.

Coaching Points:

  • Demonstrate patience to open up the opportunity to play forward

  • When defending be mindful of where the opposition re trying to go. Check your shoulder to screen forward passes into the wall player

  • Pass and move, rotating with teammates making you difficult to defend against

A fun progression is to allow players to shoot after playing from one wall player to the other. It rewards the possession to play forward. For example if the ball goes from a wall player into the central area and then to the other wall player, the player who made that final pass steps onto support it and a lay off is played for them to shoot into the goals shown.

Players Required: 

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