First Shout Game

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Set Up:

Ten players are set up on a small field split into three zones, playing 4v3. To begin play, an attacker brings the ball out of the defending zone to join the other three attackers in the central zone. When he does, three defenders cross over from their defending zone, creating a 4v3. Play continues from there to goal. If the defenders win the ball, they get a free pass back to their goalkeeper, and the fourth defender comes on to start play in the other direction. The opposing team retreats into their defending third, and one player steps off of the field.

Coaching Points:

1.  As the 1st defender goes to the ball, make runs into the space behind him.

2.  Play one and two touch soccer, moving the ball faster than the defenders can recover.

3.  Maintain possession until a good opportunity to attack materializes. Don’t force it.


1.  Go right to goal with a turnover.

Players Required: 

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