First Touch Drill

Set Up:

The Player 1 passes thru the zone to Players 2. Player 2 takes his first touch around a cone and then back into the zone. From inside of the zone, he passes back to Player 1. Player 1 turns and plays the ball to Player 3. Play continues in this back and forth pattern, with emphasis on the first touch of all the players in the drill. Service from the central player can vary in speed and type, and a variety of turning moves can be worked on as well. The players switch positions every two minutes.

Coaching Points:

1.  Technique – Choose your technique (inside, top, or outside of the foot, thigh, chest) as early as possible.​

2.  First Touch – Try not to drag the ball square or backwards. Make a positive first touch.

3.  Passing – Look up as soon as you make your first touch and spot the target before passing.


Progression 1 – Restrict first touch to one pre-selected technique (inside, top, or outside of the foot, thigh, chest) to make the first touch.

Players Required: 

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tele720 on 9/18/2022

Category - Dribbling and Passing

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