Four Corner Scoring

Set Up:

The teams play 6 v 6 plus two on the large field. The two neutral attackers must stay inside of the flank zones or the corner zones at all times. The other players are allowed to use the entire field, including the flank and corner zones, and there is no limit on touches for any of the players. Goals are scored by passing the ball to a neutral attacker inside of a corner zone. Games are played to 11 points and the neutrals switch out after each game.

Coaching Points:

1.    Attacking – Look to switch the ball quickly in order to create 1 v 1’s and 2 v 1’s.

2.    Decision Making – Look to change direction when defenders close down a corner zone.

3.    Transition – Get the ball off of your foot immediately after winning the ball.


Progression 1 – Limit the neutral players to two touches.

Players Required: 

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