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Set Up:

The two teams play 2v2 in all four zones, and the players must stay inside of their zones during play. Each team has two goals to score in on the opponent's end line. Two neutrals move freely about the entire field, looking to create 3v2’s in any of the four zones. They may not create 4v2’s by being in the same zone. Games are played to five goals, and the neutrals switch out after each game.

Coaching Points:

1.  Expanding the space – Use the entire zone and use the full width of each zone.

2.  Possession – Keep possession long enough for the neutral players to create an overload.

3.  Switching the Field – When one goal area closes down, change the ball over to another zone.


Progression 1 – Split the field into two halves, play 4v4 plus two in each half

Progression 2 – Split the field into right and left halves, play 4v4 plus two in each half.

Players Required: