Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag - U6 Soccer Drill


  • In your decreased grid, every player has a ball.
  • The coach(es) are it and try to tag the players who must keep control of their ball.
  • If a player gets tagged, they have to touch the ball with the bottom of their foot (alternating) six times before they can start playing again.
  • Play for 30-45 seconds, make a coaching point, and then restart game. Play many rounds.
  • If a player dribbles their ball out of bounds, they have to perform the special activity as if they got tagged.
  • Progression: Change activity that a player has to do when they get tagged. Have fun with it!

Coaching Points

  • Encourage players to take little touches when the tagger is close (so they can change direction quicker), and bigger touches to get away from the tagger!
  • Compliment players that are using their peripheral vision to dribble.
Goals Required: 
Balls Required: 
1 per player

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